Teaching as Projects

When you teach to build design minds – content is a distraction. I teach within the practice of “integrated scholarship”. So my teaching projects are both method exploration and capacity development. The ‘content’ in this practice is what students build.

While I have a deep and emotional attachment to people’s journeys – I come from a background of NGO sector projects in reimagining learning journeys. In the affluent and urban milieu this position is ‘the other’ in one sense, but is also constructivist (Piaget and Vygotsky) in sympathies. For assessment is a learning task – that must be performed by the learner. The learning journey is an emotional one so must be owned, and this means the content is arbitrary and belongs to the learner – so course planning is a learning task too. You can probe the blog through ‘search’ to look for more on the theory of and practice of learning journeys.

Archive (1986 ~ )

This is a list of my teaching preoccupations and stimulations over the years. In the old days I would have made a stack of cards. This is also where the students assess themselves, using instruments such as a learning contract. As an aside – this is a Prezi on teaching Sustainable Design.

  1. 305 Service Design: Prototyping a portable service design course for implementation in India, 2010.
  2. AMPF – Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Finishes (Course Plan ampf-course-planner-1998)
  3. Anxious Objects: Project taught at Les Ateliers (ENSCI, Paris), 2002.
  4. Asian Design: Developing an appreciation of Asian material culture, 2009. (PDF ad_handout)
  5. Austin 7: Educating for Manufacturing Capability by restoring a 1929 Austin 7, 2003.
  6. Born Global
  7. Broadcast Project (PDF broadcastproject)
  8. Campaign Projects: Projects as Campaigns for change, 2008.
  9. Campus Recycling Project: A zero waste community recycling project, 1998-2003.
  10. Car of the Future: Projects proposing Cars for a Sustainable Future, 2008~2012.
  11. Melbourne Icarus Project (PDF melbourne-icarus-project)
  12. CoDesign in Health 2016
  13. Corporation GameThe Corporation Game evaluation summarises the outcomes, 2005.
  14. Cultural Amplification: Reprising Anxious Objects, exploring Fear, Anxiety and Intolereance through artefacts, 2005.
  15. DeerPark Project 2014
  16. Design Activism: Making activist designers of students, 2010~ongoing.
  17. Design and the Everyday 2004
  18. Design Thinking 2006 (Pitch on Prezi)
  19. Disruptive Innovation 2007
  20. Drawing 1995-2001 (Teaching Presentation drawing)
  21. Ecosphere: Developing propositions for an off-the-grid community, 2007.
  22. Edge to Edge 2015
  23. Enfield Studio: Motorcycle Design with Enfield India as the goal, 2014.
  24. Fifth Goal 2009: Design projects focussed upon Maternal Deaths in Assam (India), 2010. (Studio Pitch on Youtube and Prezi)
  25. Footprint Tools: Project to develop lo-carbon farming equipment and solutions, 2015.
  26. Furnitecture
  27. Global South: To develop an appreciation of Innovation in Sustainability in the Global South, 2016.
  28. Great Civilizations: Developing capacity in working in the Asian Context (China, India, South Korea, Japan, Turkey, Thailand, Indonesia), 2005~ongoing.
  29. Green Maps Melbourne
  30. Grow Your Inner Entrepreneur (Course Post)
  31. Human+ (poster human)
  32. Hunting Wajima
  33. IDEcosystem
  34. Locavore Project: Exploring the 100 mile diet as a design proposition, 2008. (PDF the-locavore-project)
  35. lOO Years – Womens Suffrage Victoria
  36. Mythical Objects
  37. No Bottled Water (PDF of Course Poster 2008_no-bottled-water_poster)
  38. Nomadic Affordances (PDF of Course Poster nomadics)
  39. POMO: Getting under skin of post-modernism, 2000.
  40. Problem Kya Hai: Developing capability in Problem Solving, 2005.
  41. Professional Practice 2012 (Note and Handout: professional-practice_industryofone & professional_practice)
  42. Project Diabetes (PDF of LTIF Application ways-of-working-together-project-diabetes)
  43. Reading India (PDF Course Handout reading-india-handout)
  44. RE DESIGN (tbc SC)
  45. Recycling Incubator (Course Poster PDF recycling-incubator)
  46. Research Methods 2006 (PDF Reading List researchmethods_readinglist)
  47. Rickshaw Project: The Agra Cycle Rickshaw Project, ITDP, 1998~2003.
  48. Serving the Unserved: Developing service design capability, while reading Henry Reynolds, 2010.
  49. Social Innovation: Developing social innovation micro-ventures, 2006.
  50. Social and Sustainable Design: Honours Projects in the Sustainability pathway. (PDF Course Handout socialsusdesign_premajor)
  51. Spending Habits (video): Developing capability in Sustainable Consumption, 2006 (Course Handout PDF spending-habits-handout)
  52. Story Telling: Project taught at Bezalel (Jerusalem), 1999.
  53. Teaching History
  54. The Food Project
  55. The Informal Sector
  56. The Most Good You Can Do (tbc)
  57. Wallahs Project PSS 2002
  58. The End: Ways of Dying 2016
  59. The Poetics of Open Work 2016
  60. World Changing (Video Pitch)

Also – Useful Docs for Teaching Honours Project Here.


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