Is it okay to ostracize the low achievers?

In a recent podcast episode I mention this phrase. That I said this in 2003. When I landed in Australia. One meaning of this phrase takes you down the path that you should not treat poorly performing students any different from the way you treat the high achievers. Okay we leave that for now. That…… Continue reading Is it okay to ostracize the low achievers?

The Learner Centered Project 2003-2007

In my first four years in Australia I worked as the Program Director of an undergraduate Industrial Design Program. This was not a job. This was a project. To update, upgrade and to make education align with the contemporary thinking in pedagogy, learning and education. The project probably never ended. It is still to be…… Continue reading The Learner Centered Project 2003-2007

To go Back or to go Forward? That is the question

There was this storm last night. I get hay fever. And that is the end of the night. So ABC 774 all night and I was there before @SammyJ came in to work. Unsplash Link So, I have been thinking. Let us treat this as a thought experiment. The Covid Pivot – a full two…… Continue reading To go Back or to go Forward? That is the question

Design is what designers do #1

Hey girl, When I graduated from Mechanical Engineering I opted to stay in India. Most of the others in my batch? Headed off to the US. In India I then did postgrad at NID. I elected to stay in India and ended up in Delhi, starting my own studio. My whole cohort/ group of friends?…… Continue reading Design is what designers do #1

The Flotilla Model

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Source LINK Because we are learner centered. Because we believe education should look like that 10 year old at the skatepark. Because we want to activate the agency of the student. Because we are keen on Astra Nova, 42 Silicon valley, on flipped and on all the hot new ways of learning. Because we also…… Continue reading The Flotilla Model