Current Studios

  1. User-Centered Design (MF6M)
  2. Design for Sustainability (MF6M)

Health and CoDesign Studios

  1. Fifth Goal 2009: Design projects focussed upon Maternal Deaths in Assam (India), 2010. (Studio Pitch on Youtube and Prezi)
  2. The End: Ways of Dying 2016
  3. Human+ (poster human)
  4. Project Diabetes (PDF of LTIF Application ways-of-working-together-project-diabetes)
  5. Collaborations
    1. ONJ – Austin Health
    2. Royal Dental Hospital
    3. CoHealth

Sustainability Studios

This is a Prezi on teaching Sustainable Design.

  1. Locavore Project: Exploring the 100 mile diet as a design proposition, 2008. (PDF the-locavore-project)
  2. Campaign Projects: Projects as Campaigns for change, 2008.
  3. Campus Recycling Project: A zero waste community recycling project, 1998-2003.
  4. No Bottled Water (PDF of Course Poster 2008_no-bottled-water_poster)
  5. Wallahs Project PSS 2002
  6. Footprint Tools: Project to develop lo-carbon farming equipment and solutions, 2015. (With Rob Eales)

Vehicle Design Studios

  1. Car of the Future: Projects proposing Cars for a Sustainable Future, 2008~2012.
  2. Melbourne Icarus Project (PDF melbourne-icarus-project)
  3. Enfield Studio: Motorcycle Design with Enfield India as the goal, 2014.

Design Thinking Studios

  1. Corporation GameThe Corporation Game evaluation summarises the outcomes, 2005.
  2. Problem Kya hai
  3. Nomadic Affordances

Furniture Studios

  1. Hunting Wajima
  2. Edge to Edge 2015
  3. Furnitecture

Material Culture Studios

  1. Mythical Objects (IITD), 1997
  2. Design and the Everyday 2004
  3. The Informal Sector
  4. The Food Project
  5. Story Telling (1999), Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem
  6. Anxious Objects (2000, ENSCI), Paris

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