Current Research

My current research in education takes the forms of action research and capacity development. I evaluate my successes from and in the adoption of new ways and in the innovative pedagogical adventures undertaken by collaborating teaching staff/ faculty.

I am focussed upon the sociology of education. In this I have both a social constructivist and an Actor Network Theory (ANT) approach to how education is imagined and enacted in specific local contexts, in the contemporary period.

My First Six Months

My First Six Months, is a demonstration project designed to run for 5 years. Exploring the themes and principles:

  1. Learner Centered Education
    1. Critical Pedagogy
    2. Constuctivist Pedagogy &
    3. The notion of “students as partners”
  2. Key principles re “disruption” inn year 1, 2018. The control year.
    1. Students are not taught – not a single lecture or instance of a teacher ‘talking to’ or ‘at students’ was enacted this semester.
    2. Students are not assessed or evaluated by teachers. Students design the assessment rubrics and then use them to self-evaluate themselves.
    3. Teachers did not give feedback. Students organised themselves into feedback panels and provided regular ( and incisive) feedback to students presenting their work.
    4. Students were not allowed to work singly or alone. They had to ‘learn’ in teams – thus enhancing their risk taking behaviour.
  3. My First Six months reimagined: 
    1. The first weeks and months of students entering RMIT University.
    2. To define how they would go about their university careers.
    3. As ‘active learners’ and not as ‘students being taught to’.
  4. Project Outcomes that students came up with at the end of ‘their first’ six months as undergraduate students at RMIT University contain:
    1. 8 Potential Patent application worthy products. Two students are considering provisional patent applications.
    2. A similar number of venture possibilities.

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