Current Research

My Current Research focuses upon:

Silicon Valley Design Ecosystem

I am undertaking research – interviews, field-visits and readings – into the (design) entrepreneurship and startup ecosystem in Silicon Valley (plus Seattle and Los Angeles County).

Blended learning in Design Education

I have a research grant to develop capacity in Blended Learning within 15 Design programs. Titled “I Love Blended Learning” the research is being undertaken through 5 sub-projects. Also PLE.  More

Design in Asia

I am the Co-Editor for Vol 2 (South and South East Asia) of the Encyclopedia of Asian Design (Bloomsbury).

Cultural ways of Dying

I am working to bring death back home and into our lives, away from the hospital.

Health Service Design

I focus upon CoDesign, a way to collaborate with stakeholders during the design process. I am working with a group of Hospitals in Melbourne (Australia).

Mobile Apps

I have been working on mobile Apps (Download A+D News App Here). I am working on a health Self Management App. I am looking at the Microsoft Surface Tablet as an appliance for learning and learning self management (See Project here).

Furniture Design

I am working on a furniture making Capacity Development Project – Hunting Wajima (related Pinterest board here). Focus upon Design and Construction of Wooden Furniture focussed upon capability development and income generation in Timor Leste.

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