The Flotilla Model

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Source LINK Because we are learner centered. Because we believe education should look like that 10 year old at the skatepark. Because we want to activate the agency of the student. Because we are keen on Astra Nova, 42 Silicon valley, on flipped and on all the hot new ways of learning. Because we also…… Continue reading The Flotilla Model

Useful Leads

(Featured image: Audi Skysphere, Supercar Blondie, LINK) So you are a graduate Industrial designer? Okay graduating industrial designer. How good is your knowledge of contemporary industrial design? Job? Studios? Genres? Countries and contexts of work? Would you travel to work elsewhere? How do you get started? I have nudged you to look at 4 aspects…… Continue reading Useful Leads

Making Change, Realizing Goals

Its 2003, I arrive in Australia from India. I have moved countries to take over as Program Director of the Industrial Design Program. In December 2003 two things about the program in were significant: The program was not ranked highly globally The graduate satisfaction scores were low In 2018 things are vastly different: Ranking: In…… Continue reading Making Change, Realizing Goals

Sound Bites for the academic community

I am involved in a project called – I Love Blended Learning. Its a project at two levels – One, it invites academic leaders to increase their uptake of LMS, and Two, it raises the profile of digital learning for a whole community. I think the name of this project is great.¬†I discuss the naming…… Continue reading Sound Bites for the academic community

Developing Capacity in Sustainability

Years ago (1999) I wrote this paper about my teaching practice in Sustainability. I was teaching ecodesign at that time – even as I was running a project on Recycling. In my interview of a few weeks ago I mentioned the practice of being assisted by a Teaching Assistant (TA). I then remembered the template…… Continue reading Developing Capacity in Sustainability