To go Back or to go Forward? That is the question

There was this storm last night. I get hay fever. And that is the end of the night. So ABC 774 all night and I was there before @SammyJ came in to work. Unsplash Link So, I have been thinking. Let us treat this as a thought experiment. The Covid Pivot – a full two…… Continue reading To go Back or to go Forward? That is the question

Hypothetical and Speculative

(Featured image Credits; Supercar Blondie LINK) When you are still a student. The project is a hypothetical. The project is a speculation. You are apprehensive. Designing for a Panel. Your story will be convoluted. It will be too much. A trying too hard. A project. But will it be an object? Less and less. For…… Continue reading Hypothetical and Speculative

Why are the notions of Temperament and Embodiement important in design education?

(this piece was written in March 2020, so very much a draft of a potential article. Warning; the text is mostly hypertext) How to think of the online pivot? And then it came to be that overnight academic staff had to start teaching online, the students had to start learning online. They said that Industrial…… Continue reading Why are the notions of Temperament and Embodiement important in design education?

This Changes Everything

I borrow Klein’s book title to locate myself within the literature of activating change – before I go into the rabbit-hole of ‘reactions to change’. Yet “This Changes Everything” is, improbably, Klein’s most optimistic book. She braids together the science, psychology, geopolitics, economics, ethics and activism that shape the climate question. The result is the…… Continue reading This Changes Everything

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Developing Capacity in Sustainability

Years ago (1999) I wrote this paper about my teaching practice in Sustainability. I was teaching ecodesign at that time – even as I was running a project on Recycling. In my interview of a few weeks ago I mentioned the practice of being assisted by a Teaching Assistant (TA). I then remembered the template…… Continue reading Developing Capacity in Sustainability

A Lecture to the “Global South” Class

Effective Altruism I am a big fan of Peter Singer and have looked for an answer to my predicament – how do I practice Effective Altruism? I am not volunteering at the local hospital as some of my peers do. I would like to – but have not found the space in my life and…… Continue reading A Lecture to the “Global South” Class

Michael, Liam and Malte

This is my note to you about the impact of the New Endeavour grant students from India (NID-National Institute of Design) upon our course next semester. Info first: 1. There will be 12 students, extra students, in the program ballotting process. 2. These are all semester 7/ year 4 students – in their penultimate semester.…… Continue reading Michael, Liam and Malte

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