Design is what designers do #1

Hey girl, When I graduated from Mechanical Engineering I opted to stay in India. Most of the others in my batch? Headed off to the US. In India I then did postgrad at NID. I elected to stay in India and ended up in Delhi, starting my own studio. My whole cohort/ group of friends?…… Continue reading Design is what designers do #1

Useful Leads

(Featured image: Audi Skysphere, Supercar Blondie, LINK) So you are a graduate Industrial designer? Okay graduating industrial designer. How good is your knowledge of contemporary industrial design? Job? Studios? Genres? Countries and contexts of work? Would you travel to work elsewhere? How do you get started? I have nudged you to look at 4 aspects…… Continue reading Useful Leads

Grow your Inner Entrepreneur

I am teaching this course – its about encouraging young design students to find and grow their “Inner Entrepreneur”. Tutorial Blurb: Two industrial designers started AirBnB. Industrial design can be the engine room of new ventures. You too could take a shot at finding and growing your inner entrepreneur. This tutorial has been designed to…… Continue reading Grow your Inner Entrepreneur

No Internet up there

Iain heard today that Sammy, Helen’s dog, had to be put to sleep. Sammy has stomach cancer and and this was the best thing for him. This made Iain very angry – and he said he wished he could die so that he could be with Sammy. Very soon we got embroiled in working out…… Continue reading No Internet up there

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The waste meter

It: •    Measures the liquid waste leaving properties. •    The property can be charged for the size of their ecological footprint, which equals the amount of pollution the property puts out. The provocation: Suppose we cut off the sewage pipe! What would happen – If Houses were: To be prohibited from send away their liquid…… Continue reading The waste meter

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