Hypothetical and Speculative

(Featured image Credits; Supercar Blondie LINK) When you are still a student. The project is a hypothetical. The project is a speculation. You are apprehensive. Designing for a Panel. Your story will be convoluted. It will be too much. A trying too hard. A project. But will it be an object? Less and less. For…… Continue reading Hypothetical and Speculative

Thanks Peter and Paul

Ryan has put up images of his HSV design model and the process. He ‘learnt heaps’ – and thanks Paul and Peter. Click on link below to see more images.Good on you Ryan.1:8 scale model of HSV CRYO « Ryanfonceca’s Weblogthe model came out good but the paint finish needs alot more work which i…… Continue reading Thanks Peter and Paul

500cc Car Doodles

I sat watching tin tin and drew cars from the video image – and then started doodling to follow the lines as they loop around. Maybe a car design lurks here. Powered by Qumana


It was 11.30 and Mark walked in with the 3D drawings of the ‘hobby horse’. It was amazing. Now here is what happened: 1. I post the jpg of the illustrator files on the net. No dimensions. 2. I ask Mark over the phone if he would like to join the group. He says yes…… Continue reading Methodology

Geared rear steering

Then I did another one – which actually works better if used for a trike. And this ended up looking like a Hobby Horse – so that what its called. Powered by Qumana