What then is “Heart Work”?

Photo by Josh Sorenson on Pexels.com

The cake box is empty, the Banana bread has been eaten. More Banana Bread needed Who are you As a teacher I have to remember the names of students. A large number of names. But because I teach in university, and because the students take my classes, they opt in and then the next semester…… Continue reading What then is “Heart Work”?

Why are the notions of Temperament and Embodiement important in design education?

(this piece was written in March 2020, so very much a draft of a potential article. Warning; the text is mostly hypertext) How to think of the online pivot? And then it came to be that overnight academic staff had to start teaching online, the students had to start learning online. They said that Industrial…… Continue reading Why are the notions of Temperament and Embodiement important in design education?

The maker-turn

Late in 2019 I was preparing for the move of MF6M out to a new campus. Only this campus would not have conventional classrooms or studio spaces. Instead it would have maker spaces. Seeing this as an opportunity for change – like a Mike Metty Pivot – I embraced the move. The questions that immediately…… Continue reading The maker-turn

Making Change, Realizing Goals

Its 2003, I arrive in Australia from India. I have moved countries to take over as Program Director of the Industrial Design Program. In December 2003 two things about the program in were significant: The program was not ranked highly globally The graduate satisfaction scores were low In 2018 things are vastly different: Ranking: In…… Continue reading Making Change, Realizing Goals

Critical Pedagogy

Image Source (http://www.wikiwand.com/pt/Paulo_Freire) Its 30 years today since I encountered, discussed and applied Freire in my teaching practice. In this period I have experimented with method, I have been in leadership positions arguing for Criticality and the Transformative in the design of learning events. I have in this same period seen the rise of the…… Continue reading Critical Pedagogy