I have a finely developed and demonstrated capacity in the Scholarship in Teaching and Learning evidenced by multiple awards, grants and publications over the years for university embedded projects and initiatives.  

I have also received smaller school level grants to undertake pilot projects. One such focus of mine has been on transforming the student experience of university through digital tools and apps. My way of thinking about the future university imagines Student at the Centre of the design of digital environment. I have worked on, prototyped and launched Apps as a way for students to activate their university experience through their mobile phones.

Two recent projects

A School Newspaper App (A+D on iTunes store) that provides a gallery of ‘design news’ and a portfolio of works exhibited by faculty and students for a rich design education experience underscored by exposure to a wide cross section of local creative practice; and two,

A Ballotting App that lets students ballot for and choose a tutorial, studio project group, from among 10 to 20 projects on offer every semester. In early development are two projects: one, ‘My Voice’ is an app that is both a course experience survey and a portal for students to participate in improveing their educational experience, and two, is an early exploration of a new Learning Management System software platform.


I have a strong publishing track record in the scholarship of teaching and learning and have a good relationship with faculty and staff in the Learning portfolio fo the university. This enables me to seek out experts for support and help. In addition I collaborate with these same staff to conduct mentorship workshops – that in a recent instance was focussed upon helping staff develop capabilities to be reflexive and reflective about their teaching. I also collaborate as a co-teacher with junior staff in studios that in the past two years have seen me participate in courses that dealt with Asia, Fair Trade and the Poetics of Open Work.

I have a track record of presenting at conferences and also writing about my teaching practice. I privilege the documentation, reflection and explication of my teaching instances. I am keen advocate of the notion of the scholarship of teaching.

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