Which School?

When I look at the reply to the question – Hey google which are best design schools on the planet? – I am bemused. Take a look here – LINK. All the schools are in the US. One in Milan, 2 in London and one in Zurich. Really? Which gives us the segue – for you to listen to my ramble (LINK) or for you to indulge in the though experiments – below.

Now let us look at the most noteworthy designs of products on the planet? Are they all designed by designers who studied in these top schools?

Significantly then – in this account what it says is that – there are no good schools to study Industrial Design in Japan! Or Germany! Or South Korea! Or China! Yet these four countries produce a vast array of gobsmackingly beautiful artefacts? So for good design you go to these countries? But for good education in design you don’t go to these places? How odd.

Then there is the notion of the Anglosphere. I listened to a speaker in a podcast say that the best universities in the world are in the USA. Then he went on to explain how the universities in Europe are second rate. Yes, I am in North America as I write this. So this notion of excellence is very local. Yes, in a few weeks I will relocate to another part of the world – the periphery of the anglosphere. A world where I will once again salivate over the Alfa Romeo, be very curious about the MG and the Haval and hear the tradie say the Japanese are the best.

Now if I were to make a real list aka my list of the top ten schools on the planet? And mess with your head.

  1. RMIT Industrial Design, Australia: LINK
  2. Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem
  3. Zhejiang University, Hangzhou
  4. ENSCI/ Le Ateliers, Paris
  5. Design Academy Eindhoven, Holland
  6. NUS, Singapore
  7. Tama Art University, Japan
  8. Royal Danish Academy, Denmark
  9. Hongik, South Korea
  10. National Institute of Design, India

If you have come here from the podcast episodeLINK – then the links you are looking for are below.

“Hey, I made this episode after our conversation about Art Schools. It rekindled forgotten memories. I have enjoyed travelling back in time. I haven’t teased out s much of the detail, of all the things that preoccupied me. For I buried my USA and UK period of the 80s underneath a furious Italy period, then my Japanese period and finally a China period. So it is fascinating to travel back this far and remember the spirit of the times – the 80s.”

Design Quarterly Issue: LINK
Michael and Katherine McCoy: LINK
Cranbrook Academy of Art: LINK
Lisa Krohn Telephone: LINK

By Soumitri Varadarajan

Soumitri lives in Melbourne, Australia - #probonodesign #codesign #sustainability #patientexperience #quantifiedself #mdg

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