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(Featured image: Audi Skysphere, Supercar Blondie, LINK)

So you are a graduate Industrial designer? Okay graduating industrial designer. How good is your knowledge of contemporary industrial design? Job? Studios? Genres? Countries and contexts of work? Would you travel to work elsewhere?

How do you get started?

I have nudged you to look at 4 aspects of contemporary Industrial Design. So good for you to check how you are tracking re the 4 capabilities listed below.

  1. Industrial Designers: Remember me asking about Jony Ive. Its a good idea for you to refresh your knowledge about designers. I can help run case study sessions – if you are happy to sit and listen to me. Or just get a cracking good airtable repository of designer happening.
    1. How many do I have in my list? 371
    2. Do I have a decent collection of contemporary designer? Yes. From China? Yes. From Japan? Yes. From India? Yes. Gender addressed? Yes.
  2. Projects: Do you do autopsy’s of projects that you encounter? Do you know of the Oi Bell? The Orbit key? Would you like to meet the people behind these?
  3. Contexts: I asked you where the iPhone was made, which factory. Again, knowledge expected in industrial designers. So ask me to help you build your knowledge about ‘contexts’ that you need to know.
  4. Genres: Product Designs fall into categories. And companies do benchmarking projects, or future prediction projects – all of which rely upon a keen appreciation of genres.

Lighting Designers

Here is my list of 12 local lighting designers.

  1. Ilan El,
  2. Kate Steele,
  3. Rakumba
  4. Alex Earl
  5. Marc Pascal
  6. Kate Stokes
  7. Luke Mills
  8. James Walsh
  9. Ross Gardam
  10. Christopher Boots
  11. Daniel Giffin
  12. Volker Haug

On Method & Capstone Projects!

The honours project can be likened to a method project. Your three chapters this semester are on method. Your method (aka the industrial designer’s method), the method in your project, the method in your genre, and the method in your content. Here is a capability development toolkit on method – for the first years. Could be useful to you as a refresher. LINK

Have you looked at Capstone Projects around the world?

  • RCA (London) Graduate show. LINK
  • Parsons (New York) Grad Festival – see both ID and Product Design. LINK
  • Art Centre Pasadena (LA) Grad Show. LINK
  • Zhejiang University (Hangzhou) Grad Show. LINK

This is my repository of Podcasts for Industrial Designers. LINK

This is the My First 6 Months site – take a look at the projects by first year students. LINK

This is my 10 year Research Project at Alfred Hospital: LINK

This is my Teachers Toolkit site – for teachers keen to embrace progressive ways of doing teaching. LINK

This is me: LINK

This is me talking about why I am changing the culture of education on this planet. LINK

By Soumitri Varadarajan

Soumitri lives in Melbourne, Australia - #probonodesign #codesign #sustainability #patientexperience #quantifiedself #mdg

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