Hypothetical and Speculative

(Featured image Credits; Supercar Blondie LINK)

When you are still a student. The project is a hypothetical. The project is a speculation. You are apprehensive. Designing for a Panel. Your story will be convoluted. It will be too much. A trying too hard. A project. But will it be an object? Less and less. For we are self conscious. We are too learned. To design things. The critique of the thing has stilled our hand. The critique of the panel has robbed us of the whimsical. Pure labour has no value. Or so it would seem. That is. Until you say. It is worth it. You are worth it.

Narrative and Decorative Objects

Tizio Lamp, 1971, Richard Sapper

We are surrounded by objects. We buy objects. We collect objects. We make objects. You could say that objects are very much a part of our life. 

Objects tells stories. Objects make us sad. Objects make us happy.

Objects make us money. Objects cost money. Objects are our economy, our growth, our livelihoods.

Objects are good, beautiful objects are better.

Solving a Problem

Roomba Vacuum Cleaner

There are many problems. Such as objects that don’t work. Such as objects that hurt. And objects that need to be conceived and given birth to – where the problem is that there is an idea that needs to be made into an object.

Working with a Community

Students painted the hallway in Building 87, 2004

Then there is the fact of working with people. When people come together and do something you get a social innovation. The fact that people are social. The fact that people are innovative. The fact that people are socially innovative. It’s brilliant.

There is a project in the social. There is a project in social innovation

Just Poetry 

Guo Pei, “The Magnificent Gold Dress took the longest to make. It was also my first ever Haute Couture piece. I think it’s a perfect work, it took 50,000 hours,” LINK

You have a heart, you have a dream, you’ll have a song. This is your life, this is your creative practice. You need to do something. You want to do something. You have to do something. You are poetry. What you do is poetry.

Your very existence gives it meaning. You have done many projects. You want this one to somehow be more. Be significant. Be momentous.

It will be.

By Soumitri Varadarajan

Soumitri lives in Melbourne, Australia - #probonodesign #codesign #sustainability #patientexperience #quantifiedself #mdg

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