So how do you teach drawing in design school?

Kevin O’Neil for the I am currently reading this book – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen – and making very little progress. The stones, the smoke, the wall, the stray cat and well all the ink details are proving too distracting. Its endless the details, the touches, the stylised touches. The point is? All…… Continue reading So how do you teach drawing in design school?

The maker-turn

Late in 2019 I was preparing for the move of MF6M out to a new campus. Only this campus would not have conventional classrooms or studio spaces. Instead it would have maker spaces. Seeing this as an opportunity for change – like a Mike Metty Pivot – I embraced the move. The questions that immediately…… Continue reading The maker-turn

So that was your first week

(As Coordinator of a set of courses in year 1 of a design program, I send out these kinds of emails. This is from March 2021.) You have now launched yourself into your design sprint. Because the design Sprint relies on designing through a series of conversations. Because the design sprint is a social way…… Continue reading So that was your first week

This is a studio

Design education relies on the studio as one mode of education. The other mode being ‘content learning’ through lectures, projects or tutorials. Often however the essential meaning of the studio is lost and the term studio is applied to all ‘project based learning’ situations. To recenter the focus upon the original meaning of the studio…… Continue reading This is a studio