Dear C

Thank you for the chat today C.

I got excited when you said you were from Hangzhou. I have fond memories of Zeda(Zhejiang University, ZU).  I was a visiting academic to Zeda many years ago, 2005 on.


Being presented with the appointment letter.

lab 318.jpg

Working in the lab (Yin Fangtian Laoshi)


The drawing class. This was a stunning space. The graphite on the floor was pure magic.


Thats my self portrait (not Hangzhou, this is Foshan).

Zeda was #3 in China in those days. The Industrial Design Program was within the Computer Science school. And the students spoke English even then. So in short, high caliber students – and they set a scorching pace of the teachers. They were excited, polished off huge botles of beer and were madly enthusiastic. Mark was an RMIT student who fell in love – after three months in Hangzhou – with everything Zeda. I ended up talking to him for hours in 2005, from my Drummond Street home – Mark you need to come back to complete your degree from here, I coaxed. He came back – shaking his head. His Hangzhou and ZU experience was awesome. What an amazing place.

plate of food FU.jpg

My Typical lunch in the canteen (I have lots of food shots). Level 1 food was incredibly inexpensive. Top floor had western food. A bit steep.

Image result for zhejiang university dining hall

(Dining Hall, Not my image)

Image result for zhejiang university dining hall

(old Campus, Not my image)

Image result for zhejiang university

(the architecture building, Not my image)

So keep talking to me. You have reminded me that I need to go back. To try my slowly developing Mandarin.

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