The End

The End – this was a studio in 2016. The studio produced a few service outcomes – focussed upon the end of life. The youtube channel with the outcomes is here. Below¬†is one Project: The Red Flag Network The Red Flag Network is an integrated system of personal medical data and automated analysis. This system…… Continue reading The End

I Love Drawing

I taught drawing to design students for some ten years. These were students who may not have come into university with a strong drawing and sketching portfolio. In short they hadn’t already discovered their hidden drawing talent. They hadn’t spent their childhood drawing. Some yes, most no. I imagined the class based upon the proposition…… Continue reading I Love Drawing

On car Styling

I was invited to a a car styling event РThe SIAM Styling and Design Conclave Рin Goa two weeks ago. I gave a talk and conducted a workshop. This is the video I used for the talk. This is the video I used in the workshop.