Is all Pedagogy Military Pedagogy?

… all pedagogy is military pedagogy to the extent knowledge and education are used as weapons. The scene in the film ‘A Few Good Men’ gives a great insight into the culture of ‘toughness’ within military academy. Nicholson – “You cant handle the truth” – makes the case for a particular form of enculturation to develop…… Continue reading Is all Pedagogy Military Pedagogy?

Critical Pedagogy

Image Source ( Its 30 years today since I encountered, discussed and applied Freire in my teaching practice. In this period I have experimented with method, I have been in leadership positions arguing for Criticality and the Transformative in the design of learning events. I have in this same period seen the rise of the…… Continue reading Critical Pedagogy

L&T Podcasts

I listen to this Podcast channel – – on my phone. I think it makes me ambivalent about hanging on to old ways. It also makes me more experimental in the ways I set up learning events for students. After all I am mainly a teacher. And the “Learning Event” is key! I also listen to…… Continue reading L&T Podcasts

About Connectivism

  I am an educator in a context where ‘information’ access is pervasive – and students can find uniquely inspiring ways of learning and acquiring knowledge. In this blog I have in the past touched upon notions of ‘the end of college’ and the change that is upon us. I have set up the opposition between content and…… Continue reading About Connectivism