Is Altruism too Hard?

There were two audio tracks I listened to today – both broke my heart. One was me feeling a rush of anger, the other was me feeling something break and I can only describe the feeling as despair. The rush of Anger The issue under discuss was the constitutional recognition of Aboriginal Australians. Its early,…… Continue reading Is Altruism too Hard?

Developing Capacity in Sustainability

Years ago (1999) I wrote this paper about my teaching practice in Sustainability. I was teaching ecodesign at that time – even as I was running a project on Recycling. In my interview of a few weeks ago I mentioned the practice of being assisted by a Teaching Assistant (TA). I then remembered the template…… Continue reading Developing Capacity in Sustainability

A Lecture to the “Global South” Class

Effective Altruism I am a big fan of Peter Singer and have looked for an answer to my predicament – how do I practice Effective Altruism? I am not volunteering at the local hospital as some of my peers do. I would like to – but have not found the space in my life and…… Continue reading A Lecture to the “Global South” Class