Indian students in Melbourne

Rogue colleges in cash-for-certificates scam |

A federal immigration source said some migration agents, often unlicensed, set up organised crime networks and got away with “massive” frauds. A multi-agency probe involving immigration, education and tax office investigators is closing in on several people in the migration and vocational education sectors.

The Age has also found that a college owner had some of his Indian students allegedly working for nothing as “basic training” in a 7-Eleven store he also owns. A former student of Della International College said he worked for 17 days in the Sunshine 7-Eleven last year for no pay. The student, from northern India, asked that his name not be used. After enrolling at Della, owner Amanjot “Aman” Singh offered him “training” for one month.

“I got not one single penny for 17 days. Then he said there was no job and to get out, to go from the store,” the student said.

When contacted by The Age, Mr Singh said: “I don’t see from my memory there was ever any Della students there. I don’t have anything like that going on in there. We live in Australia, not the Third World.”