Letter to RMIT Industrial Design Students


I am helping Lentil as Anything with their web site. I had a meeting with them yesterday and they spoke about how they wanted the site to look and feel. Its going to have lots of stories and lots of videos plus a newspaper. Plus lots of stuff from the people in their community – a big proportion of this community is new migrants and refugees. All, in short, very exciting.

So – if you are keen to work with me on this let me know. Remember – this is voluntary work and you will not be paid for your time and energy in Cash. But you will earn soulfood – you will find much warmth and good feeling.

I am doing this because I believe "we need to do things without expecting something in return". I do this kind of thing for my soul and to feel good about my place on this earth.

READ ON if you are still with me on this.

ABOUT lentil as anything:
1. This is their current site: http://www.lentilasanything.com/press.html
2. See this video to know what LAA is about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uwkh6gob0-M
3. Shanaka who set up LAA was awarded "australian of the year 2007": By establishing the "Lentil as Anything" concept, Shanaka Fernando has set a wholly successful example to society of how a commercial enterprise can be operated on a socially responsible, idealistic and altruistic basis and still be financially successful and popular with the public. The policy of "no set prices" where customers pay only what they can afford or what they think the meal was worth is a social experiment that encourages people to have an internal conversation with their conscience and their ethics.
4. See Shanaka speak: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Di8gC9aSgIE

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By Soumitri Varadarajan

Soumitri lives in Melbourne, Australia - #probonodesign #codesign #sustainability #patientexperience #quantifiedself #mdg

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