CERES Cookup

Harvest Festival On the Menu: Bisi Bele Bath and Pachadi – food from Karnataka Bisi Bele Bath list Rice 5kg Dal (Mung+Masur) 5 kg Salt 250 gms Peanuts 0.5 kg Beans 4 kg Onion 2 kg Ginger 500 gms Rasam mix 4 pkts Turmeric 1 pkt Coriander pwdr 1 pkt Curry leaves 8 pkts (…… Continue reading CERES Cookup

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39 Deg C

It was 39 yesterday. The native plants have died. I saved water and let them die. Ford Foundation had a part in the 70s Latin American experiments. I am deep into Naomi Klein and the anger just bubbles up. I have to step away. Should I sell of my Ford? Should I have not bought…… Continue reading 39 Deg C

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