Ban ‘fail’ word: NCERT

Got this from the Times of India (

"Concerned over increasing number of suicides among students, the NCERT, a central apex body, has suggested to schools across the country to replace the word fail with unsatisfactory or repeat.

The national focus group on exam reforms at the NCERT has said it is unjustified to declare a student pass or fail on the basis of a single, three-hour public exam. There should be a more comprehensive way of evaluating students by employing multiple techniques of assessment.

The group has suggested a school-based and continuous assessment for all classes. This will lessen the load and tension on students, and makes teachers more accountable.

Another important recommendation is to make a provision allowing a student to re-take the exam in a short period to improve on the unsatisfactory grade(s). “The stigma of fail hits students so badly that they take the extreme step of suicide. It’s time we stopped using such terms and replace them with words that will not demoralise completely,” sources told TOI.

The group’s suggestion will come as a boon to Karnataka which has nearly 50% of its students failing in the annual SSLC and PU exams.

Led by eminent educationists, including IIT/IIM directors and various research institutes, the group has told exam boards to reform the system and remodel the question paper to test creativity and application of mind."

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