Harley Ride

Rode a Harley yesterday. And it was an amazing experience of excess. Big bike, big throb and just big. And you wear this small open face helmet – to feel the wind. And you feel quite sanguine – just gently happy with the world. And you can even say -‘man’ without feeling like a poser.…… Continue reading Harley Ride

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Ban ‘fail’ word: NCERT

Got this from the Times of India (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/India/Ban_fail_word_NCERT/rssarticleshow/2375314.cms) "Concerned over increasing number of suicides among students, the NCERT, a central apex body, has suggested to schools across the country to replace the word fail with unsatisfactory or repeat. The national focus group on exam reforms at the NCERT has said it is unjustified to declare…… Continue reading Ban ‘fail’ word: NCERT

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China was Magical

I travelled with Scott to China. And have to say Scott makes a great travelling companion – he is just so funny. So Laughed a lot – which is good for my constitution. And it got me into a ‘jokey’ frame of mind – so I began to furiously pull his leg. And he took…… Continue reading China was Magical

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