I have chosen to get rid of everything on the blog and go for a bare – and sparse minimalist look. Focussing more on design and so this is better.

My Transport Work

It was the day of the annual rickshaw race from Mathura to Agra, a distance of approximately 70 kms. Something out of the ordinary was about to happen that day that would have significant implications. Dayal Singh came first in his rickshaw but was really significant was that he reached Agra 45 minutes before any…… Continue reading My Transport Work

500cc Car Doodles

I sat watching tin tin and drew cars from the video image – and then started doodling to follow the lines as they loop around. Maybe a car design lurks here. Powered by Qumana


The engagement with China and India takes a new turn in my head as I think more about the discussion with Paul James. He mentions Shanghai and Chennai. It takes me a while to begin to appreciate the potential in these two locations. I am am going to go now to these two cities in…… Continue reading China

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It was 11.30 and Mark walked in with the 3D drawings of the ‘hobby horse’. It was amazing. Now here is what happened: 1. I post the jpg of the illustrator files on the net. No dimensions. 2. I ask Mark over the phone if he would like to join the group. He says yes…… Continue reading Methodology

Changing Tracks

The year started with loads of writing – collaborative writing. At the end of which I was happy to confesss to myself that I found writing a bit difficult – not all that much fun. And as a designer the ‘fun’ element in my work/practice is somethign I have to protect. Also too much writing…… Continue reading Changing Tracks

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Geared rear steering

Then I did another one – which actually works better if used for a trike. And this ended up looking like a Hobby Horse – so that what its called. Powered by Qumana