Zafar’s epitaph

The following poem was written by Bahadur Shah Zafar as his epitaph. (there is some controversy as to the authorship – but I will treat this as legend)
In Urdu
Lagta nahiin hai jii mera ujray dayar mein
Kis kii banii hai aalam-e-na-payedar mein

Kah do in hasarataun se kahiin awr jaa basen
Itanii jagah kahan hai dil-i daaghdaar mein

Bulbul ko baghban say na sayyad say gila
Kismat main qaid likhi thi mausam-e-bahar main
Umr-i daraaz maang ke laaye they chaar din
Do aarzu mein kat gaye do intezaar mein

Hai kitna bad nasiib Zafar dafn ke liye
Do gaz zamiin bhii na milii ku-ye yaar mein

English Translation
My heart is not happy in this despoiled land
Who has ever felt fulfilled in this transient world

Tell these emotions to go dwell elsewhere
Where is there space for them in this besmirched (bloodied) heart?
The nightingale laments neither to the gardener nor to the hunter
Imprisonment was written in fate in the season of spring
I had requested for a long life a life of four days
Two passed by in pinning, and two in waiting.
How unlucky is Zafar! For burial
Even two yards of land were not to be had, in the land (of the) beloved

Bahadurshah Zafar

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By Soumitri Varadarajan

Soumitri lives in Melbourne, Australia - #probonodesign #codesign #sustainability #patientexperience #quantifiedself #mdg

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