Soumitri in 2006

The year is slowly winding down to a close. And the preparation for next year has begun. This year has been remarkable for me for a lot of reasons – but it has also reignited the impulse to ruminate and reflect.

And then the second half of this year has been a bit frenetic, and my typical week looked like this:
1. Mon (9.30 to 4) Design studio
2. Tue (10 AM) PhD/ Trathen phone chat, (mainly mornings) 1st year Communication, (afternoons) UMAP and New Endeavour ground work
3. Wed (8.30 AM) PhDs, (10 to 1) Upper Pool studio (Elsewhere), (2 to 6) 4th year
3. Thu (at the schools in Fitzroy/collingwood), Hometowns project/ elective
4. Fri (8.00 AM) PhDs, (9.30 to 3.30) Design studies

But the three courses I worked on this semester have come to a closure – and the students are off doing their completions.