August 2006

Dear Colleague, This is week 5 and the dust has settled somewhat – the madness of studio and elective choices, the enrolment and withdrawals from courses, and the flurry of emails from all quarters of the university have died down. You are also in the period coming in to work with a better sense of…… Continue reading August 2006

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Design for Manufacture

The project is to redesign the glucometer. The Glucometer is a medical product, a niche product and usually quite unappealing in appearance. The redesign of the glucometer will have three distinct phases: 1. Research: Understading the product. How it works and how it is purchased, used and manufactured. One part of this work will be…… Continue reading Design for Manufacture

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China 2007

The semester in China is to have three parts – coinciding with similar components in the curriculum at Foshan University. The RMIT students are to be year 2 and year 3 students. 1. The Studio (24 Cr): “Working with China” – Is to focus upon familiarizing the students with working on a Product Design project…… Continue reading China 2007

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