People Stories: Re Upper Pool Studios

In July you will encounter a choice of about 60 studios in the UPPER POOL STREAM. In the past the adventurous have ventured far and come back with amazing tales of how they changed.

So let us see what they said (names have been withheld):
1. I want to be a furniture Designer: In my lower pool I chose asignments that allowed me to explore the furniture area (history – thru studies, construction – through technology, home ware products – through studio). In my upper pool I chose a furniture studio, then a lighting one and then an interior desing one. For my fourth year I want to explore furniture as a career option – and I am keen to set up a practice that lets me work with Italian furniture manufacturers. I am also considering doing a masters at RMIT -Furniture Lab.
2. I want to be a product designer: In my lower pool I chose assignments that would be useful in designing products (design movements, famous designer biographies – studies, plastic product detailing – through technology, gizmos – through studio). In my upper pool I chose Body lab, and then explored the Philips project, followed by an invited consultancy studio. For my fourth year I want to work with industry as an intersect type studio, but am okay doing a consultancy type studio too.
3. I want to be a freefloating designer/artist: This is my second career. And I want to do something that I will enjoy and be stimulated by. So I choose areas of work that are far away from industry type people. In my lower pool I looked at issues (homeless people in studies, food things in studio), and my tech project was a thing that didn’t do anything. For my upper pool I did a crossing studio, (then took a semester off to travel in the backwaters of Laos, and did that as a photoessay for electives) then a studio on homeless people, and a medical intervention thing in body lab. In my fourth year I embarked on my own project to understand ” How the modern city has created this thing called design”.
4. I want my own practice: IN my lower pool I was totally focussed upon skill acquisition. I got really good at rendering …

And so it goes … (will you add other biographies here – doesnt have to be all that serious)

By Soumitri Varadarajan

Soumitri lives in Melbourne, Australia - #probonodesign #codesign #sustainability #patientexperience #quantifiedself #mdg

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