The 3+3+2 Text

The 4 year Industrial Design Program is a progression in 3 stages: The Lower Pool, The Upper Pool and the Premajor/Major. The Lower Pool: The first stage lasts for three semesters. In this period the student leaves behind the ways of the school- chiefly strategic learning, or learning by guessing what the teacher wants -…… Continue reading The 3+3+2 Text

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Becoming Madame Mao

I have come to the stage of the book where Jiang Qing suspects Mao of having syphillis. I am also keen to know what really happened to her and so have checked up on events till 1991 when she commits suicide. I have also seen pics of her and the single/ lone poster she appears…… Continue reading Becoming Madame Mao

I have been thumbing Chinese Books

I have seen these books in the book shops and have been tempted to delve into them. But have drawn back after reading just the blurbs. The time was not right. I am now beginning my reading. First contemporary works: Logan Book Revisiting the 30s

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Learning Chinese

I started yesterday. First I learned to count from 1 to 10. And now a day later I can recite the numbers one to ten, though I keep tripping up with Japanese: ichi, nee, san. Chinese I wrote: ee, aaa, san, sir, ooo, neui, chee, ba, joe, shur I then found all these audio books…… Continue reading Learning Chinese

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Samarkand, Amin Malouf

I have reached the point where Omar Khayyam has died and the chronichler emerges. And this is just halfway through the book. The culture that Amin amplifies have interesting resonances – both in the way popular myths emerge and in the way histrinas can pick up on dominant themes. And so AM goes – The…… Continue reading Samarkand, Amin Malouf

Sustainable Consumption

If there has to be growth, then there has to be production and commerce. Consumption is a consequence of growth, a manifestation. If people have to buy, acknowledging thereby the social nature of consumption, then the options do come in. However the spectrum has to be sketched out. And these are choices – so “from…… Continue reading Sustainable Consumption