How do you teach Manufacturing Processes?

The answer to the question is as usual, choose the path: Content ORMethod I have taught this course in the CONTENT way. Yes. Through case studies, through visits to factories, and as a program of activation about how things are made. But this is not about the CONTENT way. On this occasion we did something…… Continue reading How do you teach Manufacturing Processes?

Is it okay to ostracize the low achievers?

In a recent podcast episode I mention this phrase. That I said this in 2003. When I landed in Australia. One meaning of this phrase takes you down the path that you should not treat poorly performing students any different from the way you treat the high achievers. Okay we leave that for now. That…… Continue reading Is it okay to ostracize the low achievers?

The Learner Centered Project 2003-2007

In my first four years in Australia I worked as the Program Director of an undergraduate Industrial Design Program. This was not a job. This was a project. To update, upgrade and to make education align with the contemporary thinking in pedagogy, learning and education. The project probably never ended. It is still to be…… Continue reading The Learner Centered Project 2003-2007